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Southbury, CT

Pediatric Medical Care for Children in Southbury, CT

Southbury, CT is a rural town to the northwest of New Haven, CT and was one of the earlier locations settled by pioneers. In 1673, 15 different families made the Woodbury area their home after a land purchase from Pootatuck Indians which was previously known as Ancient Woodbury, or Pomperaug Plantation.

Fast forward to today, Southbury residents have access to rural farms and mountains, a variety of stores, and bustling nearby cities. With a population of a little under 20,000 people, Southbury is a popular location for young families.  With all there is to enjoy in Southbury, it is important that every member of your family is kept safe and healthy. Our pediatric associates can help your children with any medical concerns you may have.

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Our experienced pediatric associates genuinely care about the health of your child. We do whatever we can to ensure that your child is healthy. From sick visits, to well visits, to school physicals, and even lactation counseling, our pediatric associates are there for your child whenever they are needed. Contact our pediatric associates today to schedule a visit at our Southbury location!