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Sports & School Physicals

Beginning at age 3, each child should be scheduled for an annual physical exam. This is a comprehensive exam where, in addition to medical problems and management, we explore how our patients are progressing in other important areas: at home, in school and with friends. During middle school and teenage years we pay particular attention to each child’s academic progress, social development and emotional adjustment.

Whenever possible, a parent should accompany a child under 18 years of age to well visits to facilitate first-hand communication between doctor and parent, and to authorize the necessary immunizations.

Although most insurance plans cover an annual physical, you should contact your carrier to determine whether your coverage is based on the plan year or the calendar year.

What is a Well Physical?

A physical is your child’s periodic preventative medical evaluation where we address age- and gender-appropriate history, examination, immunizations and risk/safety interventions and preventions. These may at times include laboratory or diagnostic procedures.

A physical is a yearly exam for a child 3 years and older, or an interval exam every 2-6 months for a child less than 2 years of age. We will cover health maintenance issues related to the age of that child.

  • This is a WELL ONLY exam. A physical is not a follow-up or a pre-op visit.
  • A physical is a screening physical examination. Blood pressure, height and weight and other vitals are included.
  • Immunizations/vaccines are performed.
  • Family member history is taken.
  • Blood work and other tests may be ordered.

Note: Some insurance companies do not cover routine lab tests or diagnostic procedures that your provider may deem necessary. If your claim is denied, you are responsible for these charges.

What is NOT a Well Physical?

  • Illness where your child may have a sore throat, fever, flu like symptoms, vomiting and diarrhea or cold-like symptoms, etc.
  • Injuries (sports or non-sport related)
  • Visits that may involve an emergency visit to a hospital or surgical emergencies

If you choose, you can schedule another visit to address the sick issue. If time allows, and dependent on the judgment of the physicians, illness issues may be addressed as a second/sick visit during the scheduled physical day.

Sports Physicals

The sports physical is to assess whether it is safe for your child to participate in a sport or strenuous exercise. There is usually a form which is specific for sports that is given to the parent from the sport organization. Along with a height, weight, blood pressure check, a pulse is often taken. Sport physicals tend to be repeated yearly.