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COVID Policy

The main objective of our COVID policy is to keep patients, parents and staff safe. To accomplish this we have certain protocols to ensure we have consistency and safety precautions in place.

COVID Questionnaires

Our pre-register software (online or mobile access) called Phreesia has a brief COVID questionnaire that you will answer prior to entering the office. This may be completed a day or two prior to your visit.

Visiting Our Offices

Well visits enter the waiting room door; sick patients are directed to our back door. You will be given instruction as to which door you enter when you receive a text as you arrive in our parking lot.

If entering the building as a well patient, we ask that you stay outside the waiting room door until the assistant brings you into the waiting room. You must wear a mask, your current temperature will be taken and a short, verbal questionnaire will be conducted to get the most current status of your health. You will then be escorted to an exam room to meet with your provider.

If your child is sick, when notified by text, you enter the back door, which is marked with a large blue X. You will be greeted by a medical assistant. Your temperature will be taken, a weight will be taken and mask in place will be necessary. You will then be escorted to an exam room to meet with your provider.

We encourage you to follow social distancing, allowing 6 feet between you and other families. We have directed patient flow with appropriately placed arrows that will show you which way to enter and exit.

Have Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions, our staff is well versed to assist you. If you have special concerns, like wheelchair assistance, please notify our staff via text communication that you will have prior to entering the building.