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For a Life-Threatening Emergency:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Serious trauma
  • Prolonged seizure

Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

For accidental ingestions, always call Poison Control first: (800) 222-1222

For Urgent Problems:

  • A rectal temperature of 100.4° F or more in a baby six weeks of age or less.
  • Persistent vomiting (4-5 times in a row) especially over a short (2-3 hour) period.
  • Seizures or uncontrolled movements of the arms, legs or torso, which cannot be stopped with mild pressure of your hand.
  • Severe coughing or trouble breathing.
  • A serious accident or injury.
  • Restrictions in diet or physical activity.

Call us right away at (203) 755-2999. Our after-hour nursing triage service will be available after routine office hours and can contact the provider to have them assess the situation.

Call us before going to the ER or an urgent care center. As pediatricians who know your children best, we can advise you where and when to seek care.

For Questions & Routine Care:

During regular hours (7 AM to 6:30 PM), please call our triage nurses at (203) 755-2999. Our nurses are well-trained to answer your questions about routine baby and child care, common symptoms, over-the-counter medications, and vaccine reactions. If you believe your child has a serious complaint that requires a same-day visit, request an appointment directly with the nurse.

Our after-hours service is staffed by RNs that use the same criteria that we use during the day. They have our nurse triage policies and will offer at-home advice, the necessity of being examined the next day, or will have the provider on call return a call to you.

Physician Call-Backs: Our doctors are eager to answer your questions and concerns but cannot be interrupted during patient visits, and most often will return calls late in the day. For non-urgent matters, return calls may take several days. If you have not heard back from the doctor, speak with the triage nurse who can often expedite a response to your questions.

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