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Baby Formula Shortage

Steps to safely nourish your baby during the formula shortage

Due to supply chain issues coupled with the recall of several formula products in recent months, parents are finding it more and more difficult to find stores without empty shelves of formula.

There are some steps that we are recommending parents and families to follow in order to navigate this very challenging and scary time:

Ask family members and friends to keep an eye on the formula shelves at the stores they visit. Check smaller stores too, which may not run out as quickly as the larger stores that get more traffic.

Check online to see if you can buy directly from the manufacturer or from a reputable distributor. Facebook also has groups that you can search for and join where members share information about shelves being restocked as well as other tips and tricks for finding specific types of formula.

Avoid stockpiling formula. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), they are advising to buy no more than a 10-day to 2-week supply of formula to help ease the impact of shortages.

Contact your local WIC office for recommendations on accessing available supplies.

And as always, you are encouraged to call our office for recommendations on other brands, including store brands, that would be safe for your baby. Most infants can safely switch, but some have allergies or other special dietary needs that require formulas with specific ingredients.